Scholarship information

Paying for college education

Finding resources to pay for college costs can be challenging and exhausting, but the University of Southern Mississippi offers several opportunities for assistance.

To access all freshmen scholarships (competitive admissions based and general admissions-based) go to:

To access all transfer scholarships USM offers, go to:


To search for other scholarships that may apply to you, go to the financial aid offices website and click on ‘scholarship search.’  There is also a wealth of information about what to do to receive financial aid here:

Go to the financial aid office in Kennard-Washington Hall

Room: 101

Phone: 601.266.4774

You can also apply for government assistance by completing a free application for federal student aid, also known as FASFA.  In order to fill one out you must have tax information from the previous year if you are independent when filing taxes, or legal guardian’s tax information from the previous year if you are claimed as a dependent on a tax return.  The website to complete a FASFA is:

On the website for freshmen scholarships there are also links to state grants and scholarship opportunities. If you complete all these steps and you cannot find enough to cover the complete cost of college, don’t give up!  There are several scholarship programs that are privately funded (meaning outside of the college or government) and programs on campus.

Some programs that require certain criteria to apply:

McNair Scholars Program

Student Support Services

Luckyday Scholarship Program

Departmental Scholarships

William Winter

Teaching Grants