Affordable Care Act (ACA) - Form 1095C Information

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is form 1095C?

Form 1095C is a receipt from private insurers or employers confirming you had or were offered health insurance coverage.  The form will explain what month you or any dependents, if applicable, were offered and/or enrolled in health insurance coverage offered by the university.


2. Who will receive form 1095C?

All benefits eligible employees that worked any month of the calendar year.


3. Is form 1095C required for me to file my 2017 tax return?

No, you will not need the form to file your 2017 tax return.  Check the form for accuracy when you receive it, and keep the form for your records with your tax information.


4. Where will I receive form 1095C?

All active employees will receive the form 1095C via campus mail to their home department.  Former employees will receive it at their home address.  Online consent is not available at this time.




*Please note that the office of Human Resources is unable to answer any questions regarding tax liability as it relates to the Affordable Care Act.