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English Language Institute


1. Who may apply for ELI enrollment?

  • At this time, the ELI is not accepting applications for new students. 


2. Calendar

The ELI currently has two semester-length terms per year. Each semester is approximately 14 calendar weeks. 

Semester Dates

Fall 2022 August 15 - December 6
Spring 2023 January 17 - May 17

 Application Deadlines:

At this time, the English Language Institute will not be accepting applications for new students. 

3. Costs

We estimate that the cost of living in Hattiesburg and cost of attendance at the ELI for one academic year (9 months) to be $23,495.00. This amount includes tuition and fees, on-campus housing and meal plan*, as well as student health insurance and personal expenses. This does not include travel to and from Hattiesburg, the fees associated with your F-1 visa application, incidental expenses during the ELI term, or housing and food costs during semester breaks and vacation periods when dormitories and cafeteria are closed. Insurance fees must be paid during the first week of scheduled classes. All tuition and fees (including housing and meal plan costs) are due on Friday of the first week of class.

Estimated One-time fees*

$50.00 ELI Application Fee (nonrefundable), due at the time of application
$100.00 ELI Deposit, (refundable if visa is not obtained), due at time of application
$80.00* Chest X-ray, administered at Southern Miss Clinic during Registration of your first term of enrollment; mandated by state law 


(Students will be sent a bill for this lab work)

T-Spot blood test, administered at Southern Miss Clinic during Registration of your first term of enrollment; mandated by state law 
MMR injections (2 @ 70.00), administered at Southern Miss Clinic during your first term of enrollment; mandated by state law.
This requirement can be waived if you submit documentation verifying 2 MMRs since your first birthday.

* These fees are covered by the mandatory Student Health Insurance for all students on F-1 visas. 

Estimated Fees for each semester

$4,500.00 ELI Tuition
$500.00 Fees (Includes ELI, University, and Textbook fees)
$1000.00 Health Insurance (estimate)
$75.00 ($150.00 after priority deadline) Residence Life Application Processing Fee, nonrefundable, charged each semester to dormitory residents
$2600.00 On - Campus Student Housing
$1925.00 Unlimited Meal Plan, required of all dormitory residents
$65.00 (annual) Campus Post Office box rental, required of all dormitory residents

Note:   Costs are subject to change without notice.


2022- 2o23 Tuition and Fees Deadlines

Fall 2022 September 2
Spring 2023 January 27

 4. How can I apply?

  • At this time the ELI is not accepting applications for new students.       

5. When your application is received by the ELI....

When your application and supporting financial documents are approved by the ELI, we will then provide instructions for the online housing application. Once your housing application is confirmed, the ELI will review all documents for final acceptance. If approved, the ELI will send an I-20 and instructions to help you apply for an F-1 visa at an American Consulate in your home country.  It is important to note that you should not make travel plans until your visa application has been approved.

6. Can I transfer to the ELI from another intensive English program in the United States?

Yes, you can. Apply for Transfer by emailing eliFREEMississippi for the appropriate form. Complete the top portion and then take it to your immigration advisor at your current school.  Your advisor must complete the bottom portion of the form and return it to the ELI. 

You should also complete the ELI Application Form and other requirements listed above (“How can I apply?”).  We will communicate with you to coordinate the transfer of your SEVIS record from your current school to the ELI.

7. Financial Aid

The English Language Institute is a self-supporting auxiliary department, and as such we do not offer scholarships or other financial aid.  Here are links to online resources which offer recommendations on financing your U.S. studies:

Study USA Resources 

Study Abroad Handbook

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