Health Insurance

1.  Is health insurance required for all ELI students?

  • All F-1 visa holding ELI students are required by The University of Southern Mississippi to enroll in the university's medical insurance plan.

2.  Are there any other requirements I should know about?

  • Yes, there are two additional health requirements:
  • Mississippi state law requires students to receive a chest x-ray as part of the school registration process.  Students are not permitted to provide their own x-ray films.  The cost of the x-ray at the University Health Clinic is $80.
  • Mississippi state law also requires all students to be inoculated against measles, mumps, and rubella.  If you cannot show proof of having received 2 MMR injections previously, since your first birthday, then you must receive the injections after arriving on campus.  Cost:  $70 per injection.

3.  Okay, so far we have insurance, chest x-ray, and MMR injections.  Is there anything else that I should know about before traveling to the United States?

  • If you have allergies or require certain prescription medication, it would be a good idea to bring English translations of your specific medical situation.