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Health Insurance

1.  Is health insurance required for all ELI students?

  • All F-1 visa holding ELI students are required by The University of Southern Mississippi to enroll in the university's medical insurance plan.

2.  Are there any other requirements I should know about?

  • Yes, there are two additional health requirements:
  • Mississippi state law requires students to receive a chest x-ray as part of the school registration process.  Students are not permitted to provide their own x-ray films.  The cost of the x-ray at the University Health Clinic is $80.
  • Mississippi state law also requires students to have a blood test soon after arrival on campus to ensure that they are free of tuberculosis. The test must be performed at the University Health Clinic, and you will not be permitted to attend classes until you are officially cleared by the Clinic. The cost of the blood test is $120.00. 
  • Mississippi state law also requires all students to be inoculated against measles, mumps, and rubella.  If you cannot show proof of having received 2 MMR injections previously, since your first birthday, then you must receive the injections after arriving on campus.  Cost:  $70 per injection.

3.  Okay, so far we have insurance, tuberculosis screening, and MMR vaccinations.  Is there anything else that I should know about before traveling to the United States?

  • If you have allergies or require certain prescription medication, it would be a good idea to bring English translations of your specific medical situation.

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