400-Level English Classes

All 400-level literature courses give students an opportunity to engage specialized content, such as discrete periods, regions, themes, genres, problems, or major figures. These courses offer a more focused and intensive study of the literature than the surveys and other 300-level courses and require students to build on knowledge and skills acquired both in the course itself and in previous ones. 

Literature courses require several assignments totaling 5000 words and culminating in a research essay, and students are encouraged to develop topics across multiple texts and integrate historical and theoretical perspectives in their writing. Over the final weeks of the semester, students will demonstrate proficiency by completing a successful research project: crafting a thesis-driven argument, assembling a thorough and relevant bibliography, and editing and revising drafts of the essay. 

The 400-level creative writing courses provide the opportunity to develop techniques of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction prose writing introduced in 200- and 300-level writing courses. These courses require two or more submissions in the genre, which are treated in the workshop and subsequently revised over the course of the semester, culminating in the presentation of a portfolio of revised writing at the end of term.