Creative Writing PhD Comprehensive Exam

The written comprehensive examinations, taken after all coursework and language requirements have been completed, will be administered by a committee approved by the Director of Graduate Studies and the Office of Graduate Studies. This committee will consist of at least four members of the graduate faculty, at least two of whom must be literature faculty.

The candidate will take a four-hour exam in creative writing and two three-hour exams, one in an area listed below, and one on a single author or special area of interest. Exam areas must be approved by the doctoral committee the semester before the scheduled examination.

  • American Lit to 1890
  • British Lit to 1660
  • British Lit 1660-1890
  • British & American Lit 1890-1960
  • Non-traditional Literatures in English

A candidate may fail all or any part of the comprehensive examination. Any part of the exam may be retaken only once; failing any part of the examination twice will result in dismissal from the Ph.D. program.