ENG 099E

ENG 099E: Expanded Composition Studio

Instructors teaching ENG 099E must consider the needs of students in the expanded composition program and design a studio-style course to provide students with additional resources and support. A significant portion of class time should be devoted to writing exercises, activities, and in-class writing designed to complement ENG 100E coursework.


Student Learning Outcomes

ENG 099E is a required course for students who do not meet traditional admissions requirements. Students in this course are expected to work toward the following learning outcomes:


  • critical reading and response skills, using assignments and/or objectives from English 100E;
  • the writing and revision processes;
  • utilizing invention strategies to develop ideas in writing;
  • understanding audience and establishing an appropriate purpose or focus;
  • conventions of style and expression in the context of writing;
  • revising and editing drafts; and
  • providing substantive feedback on peers’ drafts.