The English Department Online

The Department of English offers the following classes online:

  • ENG 101:  Composition One - Stresses clear, effective writing with special attention to syntactical and organizational skills
  • ENG 102:  Composition Two - Prerequisite: English 101. Refines compositional skills and stresses additional rhetorical and research methods
  • ENG 110:  Basic Grammar - (May not count toward a major, minor, or core.) Stresses grammar, mechanics, usage and other basic writing skills 
  • ENG 203:  World Literature - Acquaints students with significant figures and works of world literature
  • ENG 330:  Writing and Education - Prerequisites: ENG 101 and 102. Emphasizes writing and speaking in professional education settings.
  • ENG 333:  Technical Writing - Prerequisite: English 101, 102 and junior standing or twelve hours in student’s major field. Stresses report writing in student’s major field

We currently offer no upper-level or graduate courses online.

To download a current or upcoming schedule of online classes, please click below and then scroll to the final page, which lists only fully online classes.

Schedule of Classes

If you are considering taking an online class, or have registered for one for the first time, please visit the Learning Enhancement Center's student help page  for information on what hardware and software you will need, where and how to log on to your class, how to submit assignments, how to contact your instructor via Blackboard, and more.

Please note that online instructors will be available to you only through Blackboard and email, not through face-to-face office hours, and that you will not be able to log in to the class via Blackboard until the first day of classes.