The English Department Online

The English program offers the following classes online:

  • ENG 101:  Composition One - Stresses clear, effective writing with special attention to syntactical and organizational skills
  • ENG 102:  Composition Two - Prerequisite: English 101. Refines compositional skills and stresses additional rhetorical and research methods
  • ENG 110:  Basic Grammar - (May not count toward a major, minor, or core.) Stresses grammar, mechanics, usage and other basic writing skills 
  • ENG 203:  World Literature - Acquaints students with significant figures and works of world literature
  • ENG 223: Creative Writing 1: Mixed Genre - Introduciton to Creative Writing with an Emphasis in Fiction, Poetry and Non-fiction
  • ENG 330:  Writing and Education - Prerequisites: ENG 101 and 102. Emphasizes writing and speaking in professional education settings.
  • ENG 333:  Technical Writing - Prerequisite: English 101, 102 and junior standing or twelve hours in student’s major field. Stresses report writing in student’s major field

We currently offer no upper-level or graduate courses online.

To download a current or upcoming schedule of online classes, please click below and then scroll to the final page, which lists only fully online classes.

Schedule of Classes