Master's Comprehensive/PhD Qualifying Exam

The First Year Comprehensive exam will be given to ALL MA and PhD literature students. It will serve as the Masters Comprehensive Exam for MA literature students, and as the PhD Qualifying Exam for all PhD literature students. The exam will be given twice a year, once in August for students entering the program in the Fall and again in December for students entering in the Spring. All students sitting for the exam will take it at the same time. Full-time students will be expected to take the exam after their first year of study (for most students, this will be in August). If a student fails any one portion of the exam, he or she will have to retake that portion when the exam is offered again. If a student fails two or more sections, the whole exam will have to be retaken. You may only retake the exam once. Any student who fails the exam a second time will be dismissed from the program.

The exam will always follow the same format, with the same general requirements for each part.