Master's Degree in English, Creative Writing Emphasis

30 credit hours (24 hours coursework + 6 thesis hours)

  • 6 hours creative writing workshop (fiction OR poetry)
    1. ENG 721: Seminar in Fiction Writing, repeatable to 9 hours
    2. ENG 722: Seminar in Poetry Writing, repeatable to 9 hours
  • 9 hours creative writing electives, chosen from among the following:
  1. ENG 620: Poetic Forms
  2. ENG 625: Readings in Fiction, repeatable to 6 hours
  3. ENG 626: Readings in Poetry, repeatable to 6 hours
  4. ENG 627: Introduction to Publishing
  5. ENG 628: Teaching Creative Writing
  6. ENG 723: Seminar in Non-Fiction Writing, repeatable to 9 hours
  • 6 hours literature courses (courses vary by semester)
  • 3 hours theory, chosen from among the following:
  1. ENG 642: Literary Criticism
  2. ENG 644: Topics in Literary Theory
  3. ENG 744: Seminar in Literary Criticism
  • 6 hours thesis, ENG 698

Additional requirements and guidelines:

  • Students must demonstrate proficiency in one foreign language. For further information on the foreign language requirement, please click here.
  • 500-level classes count towards a University of Southern Mississippi master's degree only with the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies, and at least 6 hours must be at the 700-level.
  • Students must take ENG 690: Teaching Freshman Composition if they hold an assistantship which includes teaching as one of their duties. ENG 690 hours count as part of the required hours for degree completion. Students must complete a Master’s thesis. The thesis defense will count as the Master's Comprehensive Exam.



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