Our Undergraduate Program



What can I do with a degree in English?



The English major is designed to cultivate both historical understanding and critical skills. In addition to the basic set of requirements, English majors can choose from a wide selection of electives and specialized options, providing numerous opportunities to explore the worlds of literature and culture. By design, the BA in English offers a comprehensive array of courses rooted in the conviction that the study of literature is critical to the development of reading, writing, and thinking skills – all of which are necessary beyond disciplinary study and are skills highly sought by employers in all professions. The English major curriculum focuses on the tools needed to develop an individual’s critical engagement with texts and their exploration of the dynamic field of English studies, covering a wide range of historical periods, geographical zones, and critical approaches. To this end, the course of study follows a coherent, if flexible, sequence of courses that survey various approaches and poses questions germane to the study of literature in English. In addition, there are opportunities to explore and develop skills in both creative and professional writing.




What can I do with a degree in English Licensure?



English Education (English major with Licensure) prepares students to teach literature, writing, and language arts, and it provides invaluable experience for student teaching and being mentored by department faculty and local educators. Students in our licensure program will graduate with a license to teach 7-12th grade English in Mississippi, and the English Education program at Southern Miss is proud of its average 100% placement record for graduating students. The program’s strength and training are highly regarded and recognized across the state and valued among area school teachers and administrators. Southern Miss had been a leader in the state’s preparation of teachers and the English Education program has been at the forefront of this well-earned reputation.