Philip C. Kolin Publishes Sixth Collection of Poems

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Franciscan University Press this July published Philip Kolin's sixth collection of poems entitled In the Custody of Words. Kolin explores metaphorically the theological meanings of Word/words in poems on Biblical characters such as St. Joseph, Procula (Pilate's wife), Ananias, the Samaritans as well as through early modern theologian Thomas a Kempis and modern and contemporary figures such as Francisco Marto, Oscar Romero, Emmett Till, altar guild and prayer ladies, printers, and secretaries. Jill Baumgaertner, Poetry Editor for Christian Century, called Kolin's poems "stirring . . . brilliantly Worded words"; Jack Bedell, Editor of Louisiana Literature, praised Kolin for "consistently and memorably . . . shed[ing] light on the spirit of life and ... what's most important"; and Joseph Pearce, the Editor of the St. Austin Review, found Kolin's poems "piercingly brilliant."