Recent Faculty Publications


  • Kolin, Philip. Down to the Dark River: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry About the Mississippi River. Co-edited with Jack Bedel. Hammond, LA: Louisiana Literature Press, 2015
  • Kolin, Philip. Emmett Till in Different States: Poems. Chicago: Third World Press, 2015.
  • Kolin, Philip. Pilsen Snow: Poems. Lexington: Finishing Line Press, 2015
  • Kolin, Philip. Successful Writing at Work. 11th Edition. Boston: Cengage, 2015.
  • Kolin, Philip. Departures: A Collection of Poems. Mobile: Negative Capability P, October 2014.
  • Kolin, Philip with Jack Bedell, Editors. Down to the Dark River: Poems about the Mississippi. Hammond: Louisiana Literature P, February 2015. 
  • Kolin, PhilipSuzan-Lori Parks in Person: Interviews and Commentaries. With Harvey Young. London: Routledge, November 2013. 
  • Kolin, Philip. In the Custody of Words: Poems. Steubenville, OH. Franciscan University Press. August 2013.
  • Tribunella, Eric. Reading Children’s Literature: A Critical Introduction [co-authored with Carrie Hintz, Queens College, CUNY]. Bedford/St. Martin’s Press. 2013.


Selected Articles, Book Chapters, and Creative Works

  • Allen, Linda. "Interventions of Memory and Visibility: Recovering and Reclaiming Filipino American History." American Quarterly 66.1. (March 2014): 211-221.
  • Ball, AngelaSome Regrets That May Attend You When You Have Kicked the Seat of the Patron in Front of You at the Movie Theater Too Often. August 1 (online anthology). 2013.
  • Ball, Angela. “Methods of Choice,” “On the Subject of So-Called Forgiveness.” Field Magazine. 2013.
  • Ball, Angela. “Album” and “Mysteries and Doubts.”  Laurel Review. 2013.
  • Barthelme, Steven. “A Belated Apology to Anton Chekhov.” March 19. Online. 2013.
  • Boade, Erin A. Biographical essay about A. Phillip Randolph.  Forthcoming in The Encyclopedia of American Reform Movements. Library of American History Movements Series, Facts on File. December 2013. 
  • Carey, Craig. “<A> and <B>: Marks, Maps, Media, and the Materiality of Ambrose Bierce’s Style.” American Literature. 85.4: 629-660. December 2013.
  • Carey, Craig. “‘Reading Connectedly’: Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the Index, and Her Librarian-Father.” American Literary Realism. 45.3: 210-228. Spring 2013.
  • Gehlawat, Monika. “An Opposite Force’s Breath: Medium-boundedness, Poetry and Painting in Frank O’Hara" in New York School Collaborations: The Color of Vowels, ed. Mark Silverberg, Palgrave/Macmillan. 163-182. Print. 2013.
  • Gehlawat, Monika. “Myth and Mimetic Failure in Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day.” Contemporary Literature. 54.3.Fall 2013.
  • Gehlawat, Monika. “Space, the Self and Singularity in Le Corbusier and Christopher Isherwood.” Literary Imagination.15.3. Oxford UP. 2013.
  • Harris, Kay. "Feeling Good Inside: Benevolent Happiness in The Trial of the Go-Hawks," Children's Literature Association Quarterly 39.3 (2014):341-358.
  • Inman, Joyce. “Standard’ Issue: Public Discourse, Ayers v. Fordice, and the Dilemma of the Basic Writer.” College English. 75.3: 300-320. 2013.
  • Iglesias, Luis. "Narrating History in Precaution: The Genre of Masculine Sentimentality." James Fenimore Cooper Society Miscellaneous Papers 30 (December 2013) 13-16.
  • Iglesias, Luis. Global Crossroads: A World Literature Reader, Newly Revised Edition. Luis A. Iglesias, General Editor. Fountainhead Press, 2014.
  • Kolin, Philip "'darling Pru': Four Unpublished Letters from Tennessee Williams to Truman Capote." Journal of Modern Literature 37.2 (Winter 2014): 161-76.
  • Powell, Rebecca. "Developing Curriculum for a Multi-Course Interdepartmental Learning Community to Promote Retention and Learning for Underprepared Engineering Students." with Rachel Milloy and Matthew Moberly. Xchanges, March 2013.
  • Powell, Rebecca. "Bad Mothers, Good Mothers and Mommy Bloggers: Rhetorical Resistance and Fluid Subjectivities." MP: Online Feminist Journal. February 2010.
  • Powell, Rebecca. "Mapping Literacies: Land Use Planning and the Sponsorship of Place" Environmental Rhetoric and Ecologies of Place. Ed. Peter Goggin. New York: Routledge. 2013.
  • Powell, Rebecca. "Expressivism: Practice/Theory, Theory/Practice." with Chris Burnham. A Guide to Composition Pedagogies, 2e. Eds. Brook Hessler, Amy Rupiper and Kurt Schick. New York: Oxford University Press, 2013.
  • Ryan, Maureen. “The Books We Carry: Teaching the Vietnam War through Literature” in Understanding and Teaching the Vietnam War: Essays and Resources, ed. Matthew Masur, et al.  pp 111-126. University of Wisconsin Press. 2013.
  • Ryan, Maureen. “Cracks in the System: Children in Contemporary Narratives about the 1960s America.” War, Literature and the Arts. 25:1-16. 2013.
  • Ryan, Maureen.  “There’s Something about the South,” in Coming Home to Mississippi; Charline McCord & Judy Tucker, eds.  University Press of Mississippi. Spring 2013.
  • Ryan, Maureen.  "Interpreters of Violence: Novels and Memoirs about Female Journalists of the Vietnam War."  Literature and the Arts, Vol. 24. Fall 2012. 1-13. (
  • Sciolino, Martina. Book Review: "A Hologram for the King" by Dave Eggers. Martina Sciolino. Transnational Literature Vol. 5 no. 2, May 2013.



Honors, Awards, and Grants

  • Ball, Angela. Moorman Distinguished Professor. The University of Southern Mississippi. Hattiesburg, MS.  2013.
  • Ball, Angela. Panelist, Governor’s Awards. Mississippi Arts Commission. 2013.
  • Barthelme, Steven. The University of Southern Mississippi Innovation Awards Ceremony. November 2013.  Reading.
  • Barron, Jonathan. Invited to the Annual Robert Frost Symposium held at the University of Richmond. Richmond, VA. October 2013.
  • Frank, Morgan. University of Southern Mississippi Faculty Innovation Award, 2014.
  • Frank, Morgan. University of Southern Mississippi Junior Faculty Creative Activity Award, 2014
  • Gehlawat, Monika. Junior Faculty Teaching Award. Office of the Provost. The University of Southern Mississippi. Hattiesburg, MS. 2013.
  • Harris, Kay. Aubrey Keith and Ella Ginn Lucas Endowment for Faculty Excellence Award. Office of the Provost. The University of Southern Mississippi. Hattiesburg, MS. 2013.
  • Iglesias, Luis. Vice President of the James Fenimore Cooper Society, Cooperstown, NY.
    Johnson, Sherita L.
     Southern Miss Nominee, IHL Black History Month Educator of the Year Award. The University of Southern Mississippi. Hattiesburg, MS. 2013.
  • Kinkopf, Sherry. Educational Testing Services:  ELA Praxis II Standards Setting Panel. 2013.
  • Lares, Jameela.  Mississippi Humanities Council Teacher of the Year, 2013-2014.
  • Lares, Jameela. Honors College Faculty Member of the Month. September 2013.
  • Milward, Andrew. Walter E. Dakin Fellowship, Sewanee Writers’ Conference. Summer 2013.
  • Milward, Andrew. Yaddo Residency Fellowship.  Summer 2013.
  • Milward, Andrew. Lighthouse Works Fellowship. Summer 2013.
  • Milward, Andrew. Artist-in-Residence, Willa Cather Foundation Prairie Writers’ Workshop. Red Cloud, NE. May 2013.
  • Milward, Andrew. Jentel Artist Residency Fellowship, Summer 2014.
  • Milward, Andrew. Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency Fellowship, Summer 2014.
  • Ryan, Maureen. Excellence in Teaching, Faculty Excellence Awards. Office of the Provost. The University of Southern Mississippi. Hattiesburg, MS.  2013.
  • Tribunella, Eric L.  Children's Literature Association Faculty Research Grant. The Children's Literature Association. June 2013.



Older Publications


Philip C. Kolin, University Distinguished Professor in the College of Arts and Letters at The University of Southern Mississippi, together with Harvey Young, professor of theatre at Northwestern University, has published Suzan-Lori Parks in Person: Interviews and Commentaries with Routledge.


Andrew Malan Milward, Assistant Professor of English, published his first book of shortAgriculture Hall of Fame stories,  The Agriculture Hall of Fame (U. of Massachusetts) in May.  The book is described as exploring “the less visible aspects of the Kansas experience—where its agrarian past comes into conflict with the harsh present reality of drugs, fundamentalism, and corporatism.”
Finding inspiration in the practice of Lectio Divina, the ritual of studying scripture, Distinguished Professor of English Philip Kolin has published Reading God’s Handwriting (Kaufmann Publishing), a collection of poems that explores the image of God’s hand in the act of writing.
Jameela Lares, Professor of English, has completed a volume of the Variorum Commentary on the Poems of John Milton (Duquesne University Press), which details line-by-line criticism of  Paradise Lost, Books 11-12.
The Past Is Not Dead: Essays from the Southern Quarterly, edited by Douglas B. Chambers with Kenneth Watson, Associate Professor of English, was published by the University Press of Mississippi.

Steve Barthelme’s Hush Hush, a collection of short stories originally in The Atlantic, McSweeney’s, Yale Review, Esquire and Elsewhere, was issued October 2012 by Melville House to favorable notices from Los Angeles Review (“often beautiful and profound”), the Washington Post (“distinctive…and refreshingly original”), and the Huffington Post (“one of the few noteworthy short story collections...this year”).



  • Craig Carey, “<A> and <B>: Marks, Maps, Media, and the Materiality of Ambrose Bierce’s Style,” American Literature, Vol. 85, No. 4 (December 2013): 629-660.
  • Alexandra Valint's "Refusing to Parrot: The Child’s Resistance to Adulthood in Treasure Island" is forthcoming in  English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920.

  • Eric Tribunella's article "Between Boys: Edward Stevenson's Left to Themselves (1891) and the Birth of Gay Children's Literature" appeared in the winter 2012 issue of Children's Literature Association Quarterly.

  • Nicolle Jordan's “‘I Writ These Lines on the Body of the Tree’: Jane Barker’s Arboreal Poetics” appeared in the edited volume: Invaluable trees: cultures of nature, 1660-1830, (Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, 2012). Her article “A Creole Contagion: Narratives of Slavery and Tainted Wealth in Millennium Hall” appeared in the most recent issue of Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature.

  • Linda Allen’s “Filipinas in the Deep South: Domestic Oral Narratives as Sites of Politicization and Community Building” was included in the book collection Ethnic Heritage in Mississippi, Second Edition (2012).

  • Kelli Sellers's "Tossing the Pink Parasol: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, the New Woman, and Progressive Era Reform" appeared in the May 2012 volume of Children's Literature Annual.

  • Philip Kolin’s "'a river flows through it': Tennessee Williams and the Mighty Mississippi" was published in Big Muddy: A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley; "Popular Dance Music in Tennessee Williams's The Glass Menagerie" in the Winter 2012 issue of Popular Culture Review, and "'Great Train of Being': Runaway Identities in Suzan-Lori Parks' Loco-Motive” in the spring 2012 issue of Black Masks.  His play "Emmett Till Goes Skip-Stopping on the CTA" was published in the spring issue of Callaloo.  

  • Eric Tribunella’s “Literature for Us ‘Older Children’: Lost Girls, Seduction Fantasies, and the Reeducation of Adults” appeared in the May 2012 issue of The Journal of Popular Culture.

  • Charles Sumner’s “Humanist Drama in A Clockwork Orange” was published in the July 2012 issue of The Yearbook of English Studies.

  • Constance Bailey’s “Fight the Power: African American Humor as a Discourse of Resistance” is forthcoming in  Western Journal of Black Studies.

  • Monika Gehlawat’s “Space, the Self, and Singularity in Le Corbusier and Christopher Isherwood” is forthcoming in  Literary Imagination.

  • Joyce Inman’s “‘Standard’ Issue: Public Discourse, Ayers v. Fordice, and the Dilemma of the Basic Writer,” forthcoming in College English.   

  • Maureen Ryan’s “Interpreters of Violence: Novels and Memoirs about Female Journalists of the Vietnam War” is forthcoming in War, Literature and the Arts.

  • Ellen Weinauer’s “Perilous Proximities: Hawthorne, Marriage, and the Gothic” is forthcoming in Nathaniel Hawthorne Review.