Special Problems (ENG 692)

If you have spoken to a faculty member about doing a special problems course on a particular author or area, you must get permission from the Director of Graduate Studies to take the class before moving forward. 

The paperwork and approval for a 692 must take place the semester before you plan to take the course. 

You will need to provide the DGS with the Special Problems form with the signature of the professor who will guide the 692, and provide a syllabus and book list for the class as you have planned it with the professor. 

Receiving approval for 692 is by no means a guarantee; it depends on where in your plan of study the course will fit, its degree of necessity, and the possibility that a graduate course is already being offered on the subject that year. 

Finally, you cannot register yourself for a 692; only the department office can sign you up for it. 

Please also bear in mind that you are allowed at most two opportunities to take a 692 (the second of which is only in an emergency situation). So it is vital that you plan seriously for if/why you wish to take this course and that you make the case to the DGS before you assume it as part of your progress to degree.