Undergraduate Advising

All University of Southern Mississippi students are required to meet with an academic advisor in their department each semester prior to enrolling in classes.  Your advisor will look over your degree plan, and work with you to ensure you're on track for graduating with your bachelor's degree in English or English with licensure.  Advisors will also help you to make sure that any credits you have from another university or community college are transferred to Southern Miss, and can help you with probation or suspension paperwork.

Contacting Your Advisor

Your advisor is listed on your SOAR Student Center page. If you do not have an advisor listed, or you would like to change your advisor, please e-mail the English department at english@usm.edu and we will adjust your official advisor assignment in SOAR.

Advisement Week

The week before advising begins, English Department faculty post their appointment schedules on their office doors.  You can come by in person and sign up, or email your advisor if you are out of town.  

Registering for Classes

After you have been advised, your advisor will give you a form with the list of classes you've discussed.  You'll bring this form to the English Department office, and we will remove the advisement hold from your account.  While you can pre-register for your classes in SOAR even if you haven't been advised, your classes will not be official until your advisement hold is lifted and will be dropped the last day of the semester.

Changing Your Major to English

If you'd like to change your major to English, welcome!  Please download and fill out the Change of Major Form (PDF) and bring it to the English Department Office, LAB 347. The Director of Undergraduate Studies will sign your form and we will take it for processing. Within a week, your new major (and a new advisor) should be listed on your SOAR account.  

Adding a Minor in English

To add an English minor, please download and fill out a Change of Major Form (PDF), leaving the major section blank and adding your minor at the bottom.  Bring your completed form to the English Department office, LAB 347, and within a week, your minor should be listed in SOAR.  A minor requires 18 hours in English at the 300 or 400 level, and you are not required to meet an English Department advisor to minor in English.  If you'd like advisement on your minor, please contact Undergraduate Director Dr. Craig Carey.

Graduation Preparation

Your journey is near completion. For all questions regarding graduation please go to: Graduation Preparation.



For further information about advisement, visit the Student Success Advising webpage.