Undergraduate Courses Summer 2014

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ENG 441: TOPICS IN LITERARY THEORY - Dr. Martina Sciolino

"Zombie Politics in Fiction and Film"

Why are zombies trending, and what does this trend say about American culture now?  This course addresses this question by pairing essays in cultural theory with literature, film, and graphic novels.   The academic conversation about zombies offers an introduction to many important themes about power and agency in cultural theory and offers a focus for exploring anxieties about those themes at specific moments in the twentieth century.  Students will be encouraged to write about literature and film and to engage postcolonial, Marxist, feminist and environmental theorists.

Novels include Richard Matheson I Am Legend  (1954) and McCarthy’s The Road (2006).  Films include “The White Zombie” (Halperin 1932), “The Night of the Living Dead” (Romero 1968), “I Am Legend” (Canavan 2007).  Comics include Nelson’s 28 Days Later.