What Can You Do with an English Major?

That’s just the beginning. Take a look at this impressive list of jobs you’re qualified for.

The list is limited to your imagination. The fact is that the English major equips you for many of the skills you will use in your vocation or career. You know how to:

  • do research
  • write good prose
  • edit the prose of your colleagues
  • organize your thoughts
  • present them cogently
  • speak professionally

Those are skills that any employer will want. The emphasis should be on your abilities to communicate in writing, whether it be a corporate report, a business letter, or an e-mail. Four years of English study should enable you to be a solid, reliable, and fluent writer. And that is exactly how you should sell yourself in interviews. Plus you know a lot of interesting stuff. Just think: you can be the hit of the office cocktail party, quoting Shakespeare and Whitman to a bunch of business majors who haven’t read a book in years! Why, you’ve received a raise already just for being the smartest employee in the room.

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