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Faculty Senate


School, Library, or Location Senator(s)
Accountancy Nell%20Adkins
Biological, Environmental, and Earth Sciences Micheal%20Davis, Shahid%20Karim
Child and Family Sciences Michelle%20Jeanfreau
Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, and Security Wes%20Johnson
Communication Lindsey%20Cewe-Maxwell, Jae-Hwa%20Shin
Computing Sciences and Computer Engineering Tom%20Rishel
Construction and Design Leffi%20Cewe-Malloy%20
Education Lilian%20Hill, Alisa%20Lowrey%20
Finance Shinhua%20Liu
Gulf Coast Research Laboratory (GCRL) Robert%20Leaf
Gulf Park Campus Lin%20Agler, Patsy%20Anderson, Kalyn%20Lamey, Whitney%20Martin, Sharon%20Rouse
Health Professions Susan%20Mayfield-Johnson
Humanities Damon%20Franke, Emily%20Stanback, Brian%20LaPierre
Interdisciplinary Studies and Professional Development Mary%20Funk
Kinesiology and Nutrition Gary%20Krebs
Leadership and Advanced Nursing Practice Bonnie%20Harbaugh
Libraries Jennifer%20Brannock
Library and Information Science Catharine%20Bomhold
Marketing John%20Miller
Mathematics and Natural Sciences Jeremy%20Scott
Music Richard%20Perry, Timothy%20Tesh
Professional Nursing Practice Lisa%20Green
Polymer Science and Engineering Sergei%20Nazarenko
Psychology Tammy%20Greer, Joe%20Olmi
Performing and Visual Arts Jennifer%20Courts, Louis%20Rackoff
Speech and Hearing Sciences Kimberly%20Ward
Social Work Tamara%20Hurst
Social Science and Global Studies Bob%20PressJoanne%20Burnette
Stennis Space Center Denis%20Wiesenburg%20


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Faculty Senate
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