Child and Family Studies Student Organization (CFSSO)





The purposes of this organization are as follows:

  1. To serve and act on behalf of the needs, rights, and well-being of all children and families in South Mississippi, with special emphasis on developmental and education services and resources.
  2. To partner with the College of Education and Psychology Student Advisement and Support Center to offer academic support department wide.
  3. To compile and disseminate information regarding children and families to appropriate stakeholders based on current research.
  4. To foster the growth and development of the membership in their work with, and on behalf of children and families. This will be accomplished by offering members opportunities to 1) meet with leaders in the community, 2) work directly with families and children, 3) exchange ideas with other students, and 4) develop child and family advocacy skills.

Membership: The membership of this organization shall be open to regularly enrolled undergraduate students who's major or minor is in Child and Family Studies, graduate students within Child and Family Studies (Masters in Child and Family Studies, Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, or M.Ed. School Counseling).

Officers: The officers of the organization include: The President, the Vice President, the Secretary/Treasurer, and the Activities Director. They are elected at the beginning of each Fall semester.


Dues: Dues in the amount of $10.00 shall be collected from each regular member each year.


Additional Information: For more information, contact the Child and Family Studies office at (601) 266-4679.