Heath Grames

Associate Professor, MFT Program Director


Research:   family therapy in a primary care setting, medical and mental health collaboration, evidence based medicine, marital satisfaction, health, and illness, family therapy outcome, family therapy with Latinos, MFT training and supervision

Teaching:   Psychopathology, Couples, Gender and Culture, Assessment in MFT, Practicum in Marriage and Family Therapy

Statement of Interests:  My current interests are focused on the collaboration that exists between medical and mental health care professionals, and therefore, on improved patient care. I have recently published in the areas of evidence based medicine and treatment of various mental health issues in medical settings. I am also interested in research related to the training and practice of MFT.

Selected Publications/Presentations:

Keister, D.M. & Grames, H.A. (In press). Using Multi-method Needs Assessment to Optimize Resident Learning from an Evidence-Based Medicine Curriculum. The Clinical Teacher. (Peer Reviewed).

Grames, H.A. & Hinton, W.J. (2011).  Borderline personality disorder.  In F. Domino (Ed.).  Griffith’s 5-minute clinical consult (2012). New York: Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins.

Grames, H.A. & Hinton, W.J. (2011).  Dependent personality disorder.  In F. Domino (Ed.).  Griffith’s 5-minute clinical consult (2012). New York: Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins.

Keister, D.M. & Grames, H.A. (2011). Overcoming the perceived conflict between evidence-based medicine and the art of medicine in residency education. Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Resource Library.  (Peer reviewed).

Nurena, K. & Grames, H.A. (2011). Family Discord. In P. M. Paulman, A. A. Paulman, J. D. Harrison, L. S. Nasir, & S. K. Bryan (Eds.). Signs and symptoms in family medicine: A literature-based approach. Philadelphia: Elsevier.

Grames, H.A., Miller, R.B., Robinson, W.D., Higgins, D.J., & Hinton, W.J. (2008). A test of contextual theory:  The relationship among relational ethics, marital satisfaction, health problems, and depression. Contemporary Family Therapy, 30, 183-198. (Peer reviewed).

Adams, M.A., Hinton, J., & Grames, H.A. (2007). Retirement for single moms: The not-so-golden years.  Family Therapy Magazine, 5, 16-19. (Peer reviewed).

Grames, H.A. (2007).  Suicide risk.  In P. Paulman, A. Paulman, & J. Harrison (Eds.). Taylor’s 10 minute diagnosis manual: Symptoms and signs in the time-limited encounter. Hagerstown, MD: Lippincott.

Grames, H.A. (2006).  Depression, anxiety, and ataque de nervios: Diagnostic and treatment considerations in a Latino population.  Journal of Systemic Therapies, 25, 58-72. (Peer reviewed).