Financial Aid

Most MFT graduate students receive a stipend through a graduate assistantship for work study assignment. Students awarded assistantships commit to work 20 hours per week for faculty in the department or at a clinical internship site. Assistantships are normally awarded for 1 year (fall and spring semesters). Many students receive financial aid assistance for the duration of their time in the MFT program.

In addition to receiving a stipend, general tuition and the non-resident fees are frequently waived for students who hold graduate assistantships. Assistantships are not available for part time students. For more information, please contact the MFT Program Director.

Financial aid is available through graduate assistantships, work-study programs, scholarships, clinical externships and grants.

  • Assistantships: Indicate interest on application and submit a resume to the director.
  • Graduate Work Study: Complete the FAFSA form online through the financial aid office.
  • Clinical Externships: Students in clinical practicum are eligible for paid assistantships through arrangements with community mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals and other sites.
  • Scholarships: the Department of Child and Family Studies has a variety of scholarship opportunities available to students. Information can be found on our Web site.
  • Grants: Faculty often have service and research grants that provide opportunities for students.

Both the graduate workstudy and graduate assistantships allow the student to attend school full-time and receive tuition waivers for fall and spring semesters and recieve a stipend for working 20 hours a week during the year.