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Financial Aid

Student Rights and Responsibilities


Students at Southern Miss have a right to know the following:

  • The procedures and deadlines for applying for financial aid
  • The costs of attendance
  • The available programs of assistance
  • How your financial need is determined
  • The criteria used in awarding aid
  • The type and amount of assistance for which you are eligible
  • How and when aid will be disbursed
  • The terms and conditions governing any aid you accept
  • The requirements for continued eligibility
  • The University's refund policy & federal official/unofficial withdrawal policies
  • Whom to consult regarding your financial assistance


Students at Southern Miss have a responsibility to:

  • Complete applications accurately and on time
  • Re-apply for federal and state aid at the beginning of every academic year
  • Provide requested documentation, verification, corrections, and additional information
  • Read and retain copies of all forms you sign
  • Register for the required number of hours each semester
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • Notify the Office of Financial Aid of all resources received from outside sources
  • Know and comply with rules governing any aid you receive
  • Maintain up-to-date mailing and email addresses and telephone information with the Registrar's Office

Additional Responsibilities

As a recipient of financial aid, you have certain rights and responsibilities. On occasion funds are inadvertently disbursed in error. Should you receive financial aid funds for which you are not entitled, it is your responsibility to contact us prior to utilizing the funds. Failure to do this may result in repayment of the incorrect award.

Receipt of Other Financial Assistance
It is your responsibility to inform us of any financial aid that you receive from sources other than our office. Regulations require that we consider these funds in determining your eligibility for federal student aid. If you receive any form of assistance, including tuition waivers, after your initial awarding, an adjustment to your award package may be necessary. In some cases, the adjustment may include repayment of federal funds. In all cases, if an adjustment is necessary, you will be notified by email of whatever action is necessary.

*** Other financial assistance may include University and non-University scholarships, tuition waivers, loans, grants, fellowships, and any other source of educational assistance you receive.

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