Child Support Paid Verification

Verification is a process required by the university when a student is selected by the U.S. Department of Education. The U.S. Department of Education selects 33 percent of all students who apply for federal assistance. Paperwork required for verification is determined by the student's situation. Your situation requires you to complete and submit the Child Support Paid Verification form. To determine which Child Support Paid Verification form to download and submit, dependent students are defined by the following:

    • Not over the age of 24
    • Not working on a master's or doctorate degree
    • Not married
    • Does not have children for whom the student provides more than half support
    • Not an orphan or ward of the court
    • Not a veteran


Child Support Paid Verification Forms

  • Dependent Student:
  • Dependent Student:2016-2017_Child Support Paid
  • Independent Student:
  • Independent Student: 2016-2017_Child Support Paid



Special Note: Please make sure all signatures (student, spouse, and parents) are on all documents given to our office. We are unable to process your applications if signatures are missing. These Child Support Verification forms can be faxed to the Southern Miss Office of Financial Aid at 601.266.5769.