B.A. and the Foreign Language Requirement

The language requirement in the College of Arts and Letters for B.A. degrees that require 12 hours may be completed with as few as 3 hours through the completion of 202 (or its equivalent). All of the hours below will be waived once 202 is completed. Students may also take a CLEP exam for college language credit. Please click on the Language Placement Policy (pdf) to learn more information and about the CLEP. Students seeking to fulfill the language requirement for a B.A. degree are encouraged to begin at higher levels if they have studied a language in high school; this will significantly reduce the hours needed to satisfy the requirement.

With as little as two years of language study, you will be able to use this language to communicate immediate needs, negotiate travel and social interactions in a country where the language is spoken, and successfully complete routine transactions, an important --and competitive-- skill even at home, as 20% of our society's population speaks a language other than English.