Faculty and Staff


Department Administration and Staff

Christopher Miles, Department Chair and Associate Professor
Carmen Carracelas-Juncal, Graduate Director and Associate Professor
Gayle Anderson, Administrative Assistant 



Laurel Abreu, Associate Professor
Katie Angus, Assistant Professor
Auxiliadora Arana-Sánchez, Instructor (Gulf Coast)
Cynthia Baertich, Instructor
Joanne Burnett, Associate Professor 
Miles Doleac, Assistant Professor
Leah Fonder-Solano, Associate Professor
Luisa Garrido-Baez, Instructor
Jeanne Gillespie, Professor
Laura Guglani, Assistant Professor
Juan Loaiza, Instructor
William Odom, Professor
William Powell, Associate Professor
Keltoum Rowland, Instructor
Mary Ann Stewart, Instructor (Gulf Coast)

Emeritus Faculty

Elizabeth Anglin
Giovanni Fontecchio
Roger Johnson
Rafael Sánchez Alonso