Elizabeth Anglin

Instructor Emerita of French


Elizabeth Anglin has taught all levels of French, including French film, French children's literature, conversation, contemporary French theater, and especially French phonology, having studied with the internationally known phonetician Pierre Delattre. She contributed to the website and to a test battery for Pierre Capretz's "French in Action" series, and participated in an interactive video program with Dr. Capretz.

Mrs. Anglin has lived and worked for extended periods in France, and taught English there to both lycée students and university students. She has accompanied several groups of USM students to study programs in France, and taught for three semesters at USM's Abbey program in Pontlevoy. For many years, she  was in charge of coordinating exchanges of French students who taught in the department, and USM students who taught in France. Mrs. Anglin is currently teaching French Diction for Singers at USM.