Graduate Course Listings

Required Core Courses:
FL 561 Teaching Second Languages: Theory into Practice
FL 663 Applied Linguistics in Foreign and Second Languages
FL 664 Second Language Acquisition Theory and Practice
FL 665 Sociocultural and Sociolinguistic Perspectives in Language
FL 694 Practicum in Foreign or Second Languages

French Emphasis Courses:
FRE 505 French Phonology
FRE 506 Advanced Composition
FRE 511 Advanced Conversation
FRE 531 French Film
FRE 534 France in the 5th Republic
FRE 535 Modern France
FRE 536 Francophone Civilization and Culture
FRE 537 Topics in French Culture
FRE 542 Survey of French Literature
FRE 545 Topics in French Literature
FRE 546 French Novel and Short Story
FRE 581 Advanced Credit for Study Abroad
FRE 591 Advanced Studies in the French Language
FRE 612 Options in the Teaching of Grammar in French
FRE 637 Topics in French Culture
FRE 641 French Seminar
FRE 656 Qualitative Research in French
FRE 692 Special Problems

Spanish Emphasis Courses:
SPA 505 Spanish Phonetics
SPA 506 Advanced Composition and Grammar
SPA 511 The Spanish Subjunctive
SPA 521 Advanced Conversation
SPA 533 Hispanic Film
SPA 535 Spanish Culture and Civilization
SPA 536 Latin American Culture and Civilization
SPA 537 Topics in Hispanic Culture
SPA 542 Survey of Spanish Literature
SPA 552 Topics in Latin American Literature
SPA 581 Advanced Credit for Study Abroad
SPA 591 Advanced Studies in Spanish Language
SPA 609 Spanish Lexical Problems
SPA 612 Spanish Pedagogical Grammar
SPA 641 Spanish Seminar
SPA 637 Topics in Hispanic Culture
SPA 656 Qualitative Research in Spanish
SPA 661 Spanish Reading
SPA 685 Teaching Spanish for Special Purposes
SPA 692 Special Problems

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Emphasis Courses:
TSL 612 Options in the Teaching of Grammar
TSL 614 Teaching Vocabulary
TSL 622 Curriculum Development in ESL/EFL
TSL 633 Testing and Assessment in ESL/EFL
TSL 641 TESOL Seminar
TSL 643 Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers
TSL 645 Reading in ESL/EFL Instruction
TSL 647 Teaching Interaction
TSL 656 Qualitative Research in TESOL
TSL 692 Special Problems in TESOL

TESOL Electives:
AMS 504 Issues in America
ANT 551 Language Planning, Culture, and Politics
ANT 552 Language, Gender, and Culture
CIE 600 Foundations of Multicultural Education
CIE 704 Multicultural Education: Curriculum Development and Pedagogy
CIR 706 Psychology of Reading
ENG 506 History of the English Language
ENG 630 Teaching Composition
ENG 632 Contemporary Composition Theory
ENG 670 Studies in American Literature
IT 569 Computer-Based Instructional Technology
REF 601 Educational Research: Interpretations & Applications
REF 607 Developing a Student-Centered Curriculum

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