TESOL Certificate (12 semester hours)

It is possible for individuals to obtain a TESOL Certificate at The University of Southern Mississippi through the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures' Master of Arts in the Teaching of Languages program.  The required courses may be completed fully online or through a combination of on-campus and online courses. The certificate requires completion of four (4) classes or twelve (12) semester hours.

Students may follow one of two paths for this certificate:

Plan A:  Applicants not holding a Master of Arts in the Teaching of Languages must submit official transcripts which document a B.S./B.A. degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA and acceptable TOEFL scores (if this degree and/or the applicant is from a country where English is not the official language).

Students must complete:

  • Two TESOL (TSL) courses 
  • FL 561 Teaching Second Languages: Theory into Practice 

And one other FL course from the following list:

  • FL 663 Applied Linguistics in Second and Foreign Languages
  • FL 664 Second Language Acquisition Theory and Practice
  • FL 665 Sociocultural and Sociolinguistic Perspectives in Language

Plan B:  Applicants already holding a Master of Arts in the Teaching of Languages degree may not apply any of the above courses towards the certificate. They must complete twelve (12) hours of TESOL (TSL) course work as approved by the graduate coordinator.

All Certificate candidates must
   1) complete the Application for Admission to Graduate Certificate Program,
   2) submit the required application fee,
   3) complete a Non-Degree Enrollment Form for each course.

Students will also need to review the list of current Course Offerings (fall, spring or summer) prior to contacting the Director of Graduate Studies.

Learning outcomes and assessment: Once the TESOL Certificate program is complete, students must submit the Application for Graduate Certificate. In addition, students will be required to articulate a teaching philosophy of TESOL (1-2 pages) and will write a final reflection on their experience in the certificate program highlighting how the knowledge gained informs their teaching practices (1-2 pages). Click here to see the rubrics used in evaluating these two tasks. Students may contact TESOL faculty for more information.