Minors on Campus

  1. The University of Southern Mississippi is dedicated to the welfare and safety of all Minors who visit our campuses to participate in University-related programs or activities or any other event involving minors on the University campuses. To that end, in January of 2015, the University adopted a Minors on Campus policy.  The objective of this policy is to promote a safe environment for minors by fostering a University culture that is committed to preventing, recognizing, reporting, and addressing child abuse and child sexual abuse. 

 The University’s Minors on Campus policy does the following:

  • Prohibits one-on-one contact with minors;
  • Informs all University employees of their duty to report suspected neglect or abuse of a child
  • Outlines a Code of Conduct for individuals who work in camps/programs;
  • Sets forth the duties of University units that sponsor a program/camp and sets staff to participant ratios;
  • Mandates training for program staff annually;
  • Sets Rules of Conduct for programs/camps;
  • Provides additional guidance for residential camps;
  • Requires background checks for individuals who work in programs/camps;
  • Provides guidance to non-university entities that use our facilities for programs/camps.



If you offer, sponsor, or approve programs or activities involving minors, please review the University’s Minors on Campus policy here.




Have questions? Access our FAQ by clicking on the link.



All University employees have a duty to report any suspected neglect or abuse of a minor.  If any person has reason to suspect that a Minor has been subject to neglect or abuse, he or she must immediately do the following:

  • Inform the University Police Department (Hattiesburg:601-266-4986; Gulf Coast:  228-234-2068 or other appropriate law enforcement agency, and if the suspected assault or abuse presents an imminent danger to a Minor, contact should occur immediately;

  • Report the activity to the Mississippi Department of Human Services by calling the Abuse hotline 800-222-8000 and provide a written report to the Department of Human Services as soon thereafter as possible. See Miss. Code Ann. § 43-353; and

  • If the Minor is a participant in a Program, notify the Title IX Coordinator 601-266-4466 or designee as well as the Program Director. If, however, the Program Director may be involved in the suspected assault or abuse, only report the suspected assault or abuse directly to the University’s Title IX Coordinator or designee.


Non-university organizations that wish to operate programs or activities involving minors on Southern Miss campuses must ensure their programs are operated consistent with the guidelines of the Minors on Campus policy.   All contracts for the use of University facilities by non-university organizations for programs involving minors shall reference this requirement and provide a link to the policy.

Non-university organizations using University facilities for programs/camps involving minors shall be required to deliver the following before authorization of use of University facilities may be given:

  • A signed Facilities Use Agreement setting forth the specific facilities to be used, the dates and hours of permitted access and other terms applicable to such use;           

  • A signed Safety of Minors Addendum wherein non-university organizations represent and certify that the program meets all the requirements for programs set forth in the Minors on Campus policy, including all provisions concerning training, staff to participant ratios, and background checks of all authorized adults; 

  • A signed Release and Indemnification Agreement in a form acceptable to the Office of General Counsel releasing the University from all liabilities and claims for damages from any cause whatsoever and defending and holding the University harmless against any and all claims arising from the actions of the non-university organization, its employees or volunteers, and from any failure to conform to the requirements of this policy; and

  • An additional insured endorsement and a certificate of insurance written on an occurrence form issued by a carrier with an A.M. Best rating of at least A- (Excellent) Financial Size Category VII or higher which identifies The University of Southern Mississippi, its Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and agents as an “Additional Insured” and provides a minimum of one million dollars in liability coverage.  Due to the nature of some events, the University reserves the right to require additional limits of liability coverage.


For additional information, please contact:

Subrina L. Cooper                                                                 Paul Walters
Associate General Counsel                                                    Director of Compliance and Ethics
118 College Drive # 5079                                                     118 College Drive # 5079
Hattiesburg, MS  39406                                                        Hattiesburg, MS  39406
Phone:  Email:  Subrina.Cooper@usm.edu                            &nbsp Email:  Paul.Walters@usm.edu</>