Requirements for Authorized Adults/Program Staff


To obtain a copy of any of the forms referenced on this page email


For University operated programs, each Authorized Adult/Program Staff member who will be participating in a program covered by the Minors on Campus policy is required to do the following:


Attend annual mandatory training* provided by the Responsible Unit/Program Director which will cover such things as:

  • procedures under the policy
  • appropriate crisis/emergency responses
  • how to report suspected child abuse, etc. 



Handouts on child sexual abuse are available for use in this training as listed below:

  • Preventing Child Sexual Abuse  
  • What is Child Abuse and Neglect  
  • Code of Conduct for Authorized Adults/Program Staff  


Individuals should also review the list of forms accessible from the forms page using the form link listed below so that they aware of where to locate them, including, each of the following forms:
  • Waiver of Consent for Medical Treatment Self-Administration of Prescription Medication and Over-the-Counter Medication
  • Medication Administration Record




Email to request access to online courses on Child Abuse and Awareness and on the Minors on Campus Policy.   To obtain credit for completing the courses, you will need to complete the online test.  Within 2 business days of completing the online course, the Office of Compliance and Ethics will email those who pass the test a certificate of completion. 



Read the Minors on Campus policy, sign an Acknowledgement of Understanding: University Minors on Campus Policy certifying that you have read and understand the policy, and provide the signed Acknowledgment to the Program Director.   


*This training must be approved by the Director of Compliance and Ethics.  To do so, Program Directors must complete the Training Approval Form for Minors on Campus and submit it to the Director of Compliance and Ethics at  





Each Authorized Adult/Program Staff member (whether paid, unpaid, affiliated with the University or not) who will be participating in a program covered by the Minors on Campus policy is required to have a criminal background check on file: these background checks must be completed on an annual basis-email to obtain a copy of a letter from HR.  The Program Director is responsible for coordinating the background checks with the Department of Human Resources through HR point of contact Moriah Rouse.  To ensure more efficient processing of background checks, the following steps are suggested:
  • Have all individuals who are considered Authorized Adults or Program Staff complete the background check forms found here.
  • Each Authorized Adult/Program Staff should sign and return the forms in a sealed envelope to the Program Director or deliver them in a sealed envelope to HR. Original signatures are required, therefore, faxed or scanned forms will not be accepted.
  • The Program Director should forward the sealed envelopes containing the background check forms to the Department of Human Resources, McLemore Hall (MCL) 301 / 118 College Drive #5111/ ATTN: Moriah Rouse.
  • An email notice will be sent to the Program Director indicating the name of each Authorized Adult/Program Staff that has been cleared to work with minors. Authorized Adults/Program Staff may not begin working with the Program until the background check has been completed and they have been cleared to begin by the Department of Human Resources.
  • It is suggested that the background check forms be submitted to the Department of Human Resources at least one month prior to the beginning of the program or camp. Keep in mind that summer is the busiest time for programs with minors, so submit the forms for your program staff EARLY!
**If the facility is being used by another organization, they would need to fill out the Safety of Minors Addendum to Facility User Agreement (PDF)- See the section on PROGRAMS/CAMPS DIRECTED BY NON-UNIVERSITY ENTITIES