Biogeography Lab

photograph of Biogeography LabThe Biogeography Lab is equipped to support research in palynology, ice core pollen identification, paleoepistomology, and environmental and climate change studies. The lab is located in Walker Science Building.  It is approximately 1100 sq. ft. and is equipped with dual fume hoods for the processing of sediments and pollen extraction and a commercial-grade Summit SCFR250 extra-large chest refrigerator serves as cold-storage for laboratory samples.

Equipment includes a research-grade microscope (Nikon E400) mounted with a Nikon Coolpix 5000 camera system, two Zeiss Axiostar student-grade microscopes, an oven, a large capacity muffle furnace, a Fisher 240A clinical centrifuge, heating plates, electronic balances, a vortex mixer, chemicals and glassware for pollen processing, and a table saw.

Computer equipment includes: three Magellan GPS units, two Dell Optiplex desktop computers, one IBM ThinkCenter M51 desktop computer, one Dell Latitude ATG laptop computer, one Apple MacBook Pro laptop, two Apple desktop computers, an HP laserjet printer, and an HP color scanner and printer.  Software available through the Department of Geography and Geology includes ArcGIS, Imagine, SPSS 11.5, and TILIA-VIEW 2.0 for the plotting of pollen data.