Carl A. "Andy" Reese

Professor of Geography

Andy Reese's CV


B.A. 1998 Louisiana State University
M.A. 2000 Louisiana State University
Ph.D. 2003 Louisiana State University


  • GHY 104 Introduction to Weather and Climate
  • GHY 105 Introduction to Landforms, Hydrology, and Biogeography
  • GHY 315 Field Methods in Geography
  • GHY 4/522 Biogeography
  • GHY 4/524 Quaternary Environments
  • GHY 4/525 Climatology
  • GHY 715 Quantitative Methods in Geography
  • Plus graduate-level seminar classes in Paleoecology and Climatology


Biogeography, Climate change, Palynology, Paleotempestology, Research Methods

I am a biogeographer whose primary research interest is palynology, or the use of pollen to reconstruct past vegetation.  I specialize in studying pollen that has been archived in ice cores, and have conducted research throughout the Central Andes of South America and the Brooks Range of Alaska.  This research has been used to answer a wide variety of paleoecological questions surrounding the vegetation's response to climate change from the late Pleistocene to present. 

I am also interested in the modern process of pollen dispersal and deposition, and the development of modern pollen-trapping equipment.  My pollen research as been used to study the impacts of past hurricane landfalls along the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts of North America and Honduras, as well as investigate the potential of paleoenvironmental records archived in bat guano.  Outside of academia, I can be found chasing two small children around.