Clifton 'Skeeter' Dixon

Associate Professor


Dr. Dixon's CV



Settlement Geography, Historical-Cultural Middle America, Agroecology, Coastal Populations, Hurricanes

For most of my career I have been interested in Mexico and Central America. I have spent more than twenty-five years conducting research in the region and have taken hundreds of students on related field-study programs in the tropics. Recently, my students and I have been examining the environmental impacts of tourism on the island of Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras. We have a five-year baseline study observing marine ecology and tourist-related development. Our methodology focuses upon field observations, remote sensing of reef systems, and a GIS database of land use change.

I have also been interested in foreign agricultural colonization in Latin America. The study looks at non-Latin twentieth century agricultural colonists to Latin America. The focus is upon cultural landscapes, agricultural diffusion, and frontier development. My professional interests in geography began in the early 1970's with a masters thesis on the north coast of Honduras and lately I have been actively working on the north coast again. My students and I have been looking into hurricane impacts in the western Caribbean with a comparison of impacts between hurricanes that strike the north coast of Honduras and those that strike eastern Yucatan.

Underlying most of what I do professionally is a dedication to field work, historical landscape change, and cultural patterns.



  • GHY 101 World Regional Geography

  • GHY 4/502 Geography of Middle America

  • GHY 4/541 Contemporary Issues in Geography Seminar

  • GHY 710 Seminar in Research Tech. and Presentation of Geographic Data

  • GHY 731 Seminar in Cultural-Historical Geography

  • GHY 780 Seminar in History and Development of Geographic Thought