David H. Holt

Associate Professor of Geography

David Holt's Curriculum Vitae



Biogeography, Dendrochronology, Long-term Climate Change, Land Use, GIS

Over the years my research in climatology has melded Geographic Information Systems and Paleoclimate.  I have worked with tree-ring growth studies in California, Arkansas, Virginia, and Mississippi and I currently have a tree-ring research lab on the coast campus.  My academic interests include biogeography, climate change, natural resource management, field research methods and GIS. 

Currently I am researching land use and recovery of the Gulf Coast post-Katrina by helping the Mississippi coastal development authorities develop a regional GIS while working with students gathering related field data.  Related work has included mapping municipal cemeteries impacted by storm surge, identifying and mapping blighted properties as a relic of Hurricane Katrina, and seeking to understand the fluvial morphology and environmental management of Turkey Creek, Gulfport, Mississippi.



  • GHY 104 Weather and Climate
  • GHY 105 Landforms, Hydrology, and Biogeography
  • GHY 315 Sources, Techniques, and Analysis in Geography
  • GHY 370 Conservation of Natural Resources
  • GHY 4/510 21st Century Cartography
  • GHY 4/517 Geographic Information Systems
  • GHY 4/522 Biogeography
  • GHY 441 Contemporary Issues in Geography Seminar