David M. Cochran, Jr.

Associate Professor of Geography and Interim Chair

David Cochran's CV



Cultural and Political Ecology, Latin America and the Caribbean, Natural Hazards, Conservation Management, International Development

I am a broadly trained cultural geographer with expertise in Latin America and the Caribbean, cultural and political ecology, and natural hazards.  My doctoral research examined the sustainability of swidden agroforestry among indigenous Miskito and Hispanic Ladino communities in the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve of eastern Honduras.  I also have studied the long-term frequency and impacts of tropical cyclones in coastal communities of eastern Honduras.  Currently I am conducting archival research to document storms that affected Caribbean Central America between 1500 to 1900.  Over the next several years, I expect to continue this work on tropical cyclones, both in the field and in the archives, and also to embark upon a new project on the environmental history of South Mississippi.



  • GHY 101 World Regional Geography
  • GHY 315 Sources, Methods and Analysis in Geography
  • GHY 331 Cultural Systems in the Environment
  • GHY 370 Conservation of Natural Resources
  • GHY 4/503 Geography of South America
  • GHY 4/541 Contemporary Issues in Geography Seminar
  • GHY 741 Cultural and Political Ecology