George T. Raber

Professor of Geography

George Raber's CV



Remote Sensing, terrain modeling, LIDAR, GIScience, conservation modeling and Hurricane impacts

My research interests are primarily focused on land cover analysis and terrain modeling using Remote Sensing. I am also interested in GIS modeling methods and applications specifically, those dealing with these topics. I am currently involved in projects that deal with Hurricane Katrina recovery, GIS Modeling for conservation, and lidar / hyper-spectral data fusion for land cover classification in shoreline areas.

My recent research has had me working for four months in Costa Rica, the coastal zones of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, east central Africa, Nicaragua, and Panama.  I collaborate with The Nature Conservancy, and receive funding from NOAA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.



  • GHY 4/510 21st Century Cartography
  • GHY 4/511 Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation
  • GHY 4/512 Environmental Remote Sensing
  • GHY 4/416 Computer Applications in GHY (Internet Mapping)
  • GHY 4/517 Geographic Information Systems
  • GHY 4/518 Spatial Analysis
  • GHY 712 Seminar in Geographic Information Science
  • GHY 715 Quantitative Methods in Spatial Analysis
  • I also teach research seminars in remote sensing applications and conduct individualized student research on remote sensing and land use