Gregory A. Carter

Professor of Geography

Greg Carter's CV



Physical Geography, Coastal Systems, Remote Sensing, Biogeography, Landscape Ecology

Greg Carter joined The University of Southern Mississippi in 2003 after serving 16 years as a NASA research scientist in earth science remote sensing. His research at USM has addressed terrestrial and aquatic components of northern Gulf of Mexico coastal systems.  Most of his recent work in terrestrial systems has concerned changes in habitat-type on the Mississippi-Alabama barrier islands and in coastal wetlands.  He and his students work in the field and with remotely-sensed data to determine how elevation, land area and water table interact to influence the formation of plant communities and their resilience to sea-level rise, erosion, subsidence and the impact of tropical storms.



  • GHY 411/511 Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation
  • GHY 412/512 Environmental Remote Sensing
  • GHY 612/712 Seminar in Geographic Information Science
  • I also teach several seminars focused upon remote sensing
    applications and landscape ecology.