Jerry "Joby" Bass

Associate Professor of Geography

Joby Bass' CV


B.A. 1990 Louisiana State University
M.A. 1999 Louisiana State University
Ph.D. 2003 University of Texas at Austin


  • GHY 101 World Regional Geography
  • GHY 103 World Regions Through Film
  • GHY 315 Sources, Techniques, and Analysis in Geography
  • GHY 331 Cultural Geography
  • GHY 400/500 Geography of Mississippi
  • GHY 435/535 Historical Landscapes of North America
  • GHY 631/731 Seminar in Cultural-Historical Geography
  • GHY 680/780 History and Philosophy of Geographic Thought


Cultural Geography, Repeat Photography, Historical Landscapes, The South, Latin America

I am a cultural geographer who studies the intersections of cultures, landscapes, and environments.  I work primarily in Latin America and the U.S. South.  My current research activities involve studying environmental and cultural change in Honduras using repeat photography and studying the geographical aspects of race, geography, and landscape in the South.  Some recent work includes:

Bass, J.O. Joby.  2010.  Learning Landscape Change in Honduras: repeat photography as discovery. Robert H. Webb, Diane E. Boyer, and Raymond M. Turner (editors).  Repeat Photography: Methods and Applications in the Natural Sciences. Island Press.