Maurice Meylan

Professor (Emeritus)



Geologic mapping of southern Mississippi, focusing on criteria for distinguishing mapping units.

In 2009 I retired from the university after serving for 29 years in the Department of Geology. During that time I served about every role in the department that I could, including a term as chair. I have continued to work daily with the acquisition and management of the department's special collections, including the research library and well logs. I continue to serve on research and thesis committees. My interests and professional activities continue to be:

  • Relationship between surface mapping units and stratigraphic units define in the subsurface of southern Mississippi.
  • Subsurface stratigraphy and structure of southern Mississippi, particularly the interaction between salt and fault tectonics and sediment accumulation, and on a larger scale, the structural development of the Mississippi Salt Basin as it served as an Early Cretaceous depocenter
  • Upper Cretaceous and Cenozoic sequence stratigraphy along the Lower Cretaceous shelf margin hinge line
  • Nature and recognition of sediment facies boundaries
  • Pathways of migration for petroleum in the Mississippi Salt Basin
  • Marine ferromanganese oxide mineral deposits (nodules and crusts)
  • Diagenetic alteration of marine volcanic ash layers to smectite and phillipsite



  • GLY 308 Structural Geology
  • GLY 401/501 Sedimentology
  • GLY 450/550 Geologic Marine Science
  • GLY 470/570 Petroleum Geology
  • GLY 608 Gulf Coast Geology