Come and visit the ongoing research of our faculty, students, and colleagues. 

The faculty and students of the Department of Geography and Geology conduct research in a variety of subfields within their disciplines. This page will contain information on research trends in the department and updates on recent and/or ongoing research. Our department places a strong emphasis upon undergraduate research as well.

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Fluvial Geomorphology and Flooding

photograph of biogeography lab

Barrier Islands

photograph of sedimentation and geomorphology lab

Rural Development

 photograph of the Geospatial Teaching Lab

Landscape, Human, and Historical Cultural Geography

 photograph of the Geography/Geology Departmental Library

Coastal Redevelopment

 photograph of the Geography lab on the Gulf Coast

Geospatial Research and Applied GIScience






Andy Reese and Michael Ewing at high elevation on the north slope of the Brooks Range, Alaska
May 2011.

 Dr. Reese working with pollen trap, Alaska

See photos from recent Geology Field Trips lead by Dr. Heitmuller.  The sedimentology trip was to Marion County and the red bluffs; the Gulf Coast geology class went to west Florida and explored the karst topography and natural springs.