Sedimentation and Geomorphology Lab

photograph of Sedimentation and Geomorphology LabThe Sedimentology is equipped with instruments and supplies commonly used for analysis of sediments, including, but not limited to: sieves, sieve shakers, drying ovens, digital scale, magnetic separation device, centrifuge, soil tubes, hydrometers, glassware – the lab is well stocked with chemicals, safety features and ample storage.  A magnetic susceptibility instrument, currently on order, will also be housed in this lab. Additionally, the lab has a USDA / APHIS / PPQ permit for importation of foreign and regulated domestic soil samples (Permit P330-11-00055).

The Geomorphology Lab includes instruments and supplies used for analysis of surface processes and sediment samples, including: a muffle furnace, drying oven, bed-material dredge, bedload sampler, suspended-load sampler, carbonate content chamber, total-station surveying unit, Trimble ProXH / Zephyr GIS survey unit, glassware, sieves, hydrometers, gravelometer / sampling grid, surveying supplies, safety supplies (e.g., snake chaps, lab wear), and a GIS-equipped laptop computer.