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Graduate Admissions

Non-Degree Seeking

Applicants who are not prepared to apply to a degree program or certificate program are able to be admitted as non-degree seeking students. This type of admissions is ideal for individuals who have missed the deadline for a degree seeking program or have not yet taken the GRE or GMAT. Before applying as non-degree, please contact the academic unit which houses the courses you are interested in taking, as not all programs allow non-degree enrollment.

A student admitted as non-degree seeking* who wishes to be admitted to a program will be required to complete a second, program-specific application.

Select the term to which you wish to be admitted below to begin the non-degree application:


Applicants will be required to submit official transcripts showing successful completion of a bachelor's degree and health records showing immunization to measles, mumps, and rubella. 

*Please be aware that applicants admitted as non-degree seeking will not be eligible for federal financial aid.