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Graduate Programs

Anthropology Graduate Program Details

Research Opportunities

Our program has four laboratories where students can gain hands-on experience as they work closely with faculty members. The most unique facility is the center for primate behavioral studies which houses a colony of bushbabies. We also have a bioarchaeology and forensic anthorpology lab which curates a large colonial Maya population from western Belize. Our archaeological facility is home to a variety of research collections from Mississippi and the greater Southeast. The biological anthropology lab is also equipped for hormonal analysisand preparing nutritional samples for further analysis and has equipment that allows analysis of tissues for many hormonal indicators.


We have an annual assistantship sponsored by the Department of Defense in which a student works closely with the staff archaeologist at Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center. Other internships are available in the program laboratories as well as in off campus settings.

Specific Admission Requirements

Admission requirements include: 1) a completed application; 2) transcripts from all undergraduate institutions attended; 3) GRE scores; 4) three letters of recommendation; 5) a statement of purpose; and 6) a resume. A writing sample may also be submitted, but is optional.