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Graduate Programs

Secondary Teacher Education (Alternate Route) - Master's Program Details

Research Opportunities

Research assistantships may be available for MAT candidates not wishing to begin teaching immediately after completing summer coursework.


Upon successful completion of the first 9 hours, participants apply to the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) for a 3-year non-renewable teaching license and seek employment in a Mississippi school. Once employment has been secured, candidates complete two internship classes corresponding with their first year of teaching. Southern Miss faculty make classroom visits during the year to support candidate development.


The state of Mississippi and the federal government offer various incentives for high needs subject areas and for critical shortage geographic areas within Mississippi. The incentives can include loan forgiveness, signing bonuses, moving expenses, and housing allowances.

Unique Program Requirements

If teacher licensure is desired, candidates must complete 9 hours of coursework during the summer and then secure employment in an accredited Mississippi school district. The state of Mississippi requires one full year of classroom teaching to attain a standard teaching license. Program admissions requirements fulfill other state of Mississippi licensure requirements.

Specific Admission Requirements

Specific Admission Requirements:
1. Official transcripts indicating Bachelor's degree from regionally/nationally accredited institution with non-education major
2. Passing Praxis CORE test scores, ACT scores with a 21+ composite score, or SAT equivalent to 21+ ACT score. 
3. Passing Praxis II Subject Area Assessment results
4. 2.75+ on last 60 hours of Bachelor’s degree
5. Clear background check.
6. Subscription to Tk20 by Watermark Assessment System after admission