Admission Pros FAQ's

How can I get access and training for AdmissionPros?

   To request access and/or training for AdmissionPros, please contact Tracy Barnhill.


How do I access the Reviewer Portal to see the applications?

   To access the Reviewer Portal, click on Log in with your SOAR credentials.


What exactly is the application process within AdmissionPros?

   Once a student submits a completed application (with transcripts, test scores, recommendation letters, etc.) the Graduate School conducts an initial GPA review on the applicant. If the GPA meets minimum requirements, the application is sent to the Program Manager to assign Reviewers. At this point, the application may be reviewed by individual reviewers, or by a committee. Once the Reviewer (Individual or Committee Chair) makes their decision, the application is forwarded to the Department Chair for final review. After a final decision has been reached, the application comes back to the Graduate School for a final review and a decision letter is then sent to the student via their application portal.

How do I know if I have applications to review?

   When you log into your Review Portal, check the "My Reviews to Complete" tab. The number within parentheses shows the number of applications to complete. The Graduate School also sends out automated weekly reminder emails if you have applications in your queue. 


What is the "All Prospects" tab?

   The all "All Prospects" tab contains bio/demo data on prospective students that have shown interest in your major. These prospective students have sent in GRE/GMAT scores, filled out information cards, or have contacted the Graduate School wanting more information. This tab is to help you recruit prospective students to your department.


What is the "Ready to Assign" tab?

  The program manager of each department receives the applications initially and designates the reviewer of the application. Once the reviewer has been assigned, the application shows up in the "My Reviews to Complete" tab.