Graduate Assistantships, Fellowships, and Financial Aid

At present, the university has available about 1,000 university assistantships in all areas as well as fellowships provided by federal and private agencies. Amounts of assistantships vary from department to department. Contact the specific department for information regarding stipend levels available. Assistantships entail one half time of teaching, research or service assignments.

In addition to academic departments, graduate service assistantships are available in other areas including but not limited to Student Affairs, Residence Life, Recreational Sports, University Clinic, Alumni Association, Community Service Learning, Disability Services, Distance Learning, McNair Scholars Program, Athletics, and the Southern Miss Foundation.

To maintain an assistantship a student must have an average of “B” or better each semester. General tuition and the non-resident fee are waived for graduate assistantship holders. To qualify for this waiver, students on assistantships must be registered for courses totaling twelve (12) hours each semester (nine hours during summer term). Courses taken as audit do not count toward these hours. The university also currently waives out-of state tuition for students on sabbatical leave with pay from schools and colleges. Inquiries regarding assistantships should be directed to the chair of the department to which the student is applying. Applications for assistantships must be filed by the department’s deadline. Check with the department chairs or directors for the deadline and additional materials.

Southern Miss also participates in several national fellowship programs. The Southern Regional Educational Board (SREB) offers competitively selected fellowships to minority doctoral students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics who plan to become university professors. Additionally, several departments participate in the Government Assistance in Areas of National Need (GANN) program that provides fellowships to doctoral students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics also. We are also introducing the Ford Foundation fellowship which is offered to miniority students in various majors.

Financial Aid
The Perkins Loan Program (formerly NDSL), the Stafford Loan Program, and the Federal Work-Study Program are also available to graduate students. Applicants for Perkins Loans and Federal Work-Study Program should apply by March 15 (priority date) for loans and work to begin the fall term. To apply for the Perkins Loan Program, Stafford Loan Program, and the Federal Work-Study Program applicants should complete the free Application for Federal Student Aid at Applicants may also contact Southern Miss Office of Financial Aid at