Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year Award

Each year, the Graduate School recognizes a faculty member to celebrate the importance of graduate mentorship within the Southern Miss academic community. This award encourages all departments and divisions to actively support and promote quality graduate student mentorship, and acknowledges established faculty members who foster the professional growth of graduate students to help them achieve their full potential. The Graduate School announces the winner each year at the Susan A. Siltanen Graduate Student Research Symposium luncheon. The winner will have the opportunity to share his or her mentoring tips and stories at a mentoring workshop hosted by the Graduate School during the academic year.



  • Must be a Southern Miss graduate faculty member with a minimum of five years at the institution
  • Must demonstrate a commitment to foster the intellectual, behavioral, creative, and scholarly growth of graduate students, and facilitate the student’s professional development and productivity
  • Must demonstrate valued behaviors, attitudes, and/or skills that aid the mentee(s) in achieving competence, confidence, and a clear professional identity, including:

                 1. Accessibility
                 2. Provides excellent guidance of individual research and/or
                     creative projects
                 3. Shows a willingness to assist and actively guide development
                     of teaching, research and professional skills
                 4. Articulates clear expectations
                 5. Holds mentees to high standards, encouraging and helping
                     the establishment of their own records of scholarly activity or
                     performance, including participation in events and projects
                     (e.g., meetings, conferences, committees, speaking
                     engagements, completion of grants, publications, promotional
                 6. Involves their mentees in networking activities with other
                     professionals and faculty

  • Must be nominated by a current or former graduate student of the nominee.


Dr. Shahdad Naghshpour
International Development

picture of Dr douglas masterson2014-2015
and 2015 Conference
of Southern Graduate
Schools (CSGS) Mentor of the Year
Dr. Douglas Masterson
Associate Professor and
Associate Chair
Organic and Bioorganic
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