Graduate School Admissions Requirements

All graduate applicants are required to supply the following documents:

  1. Official transcripts from all institutions from which a bachelor’s degree or higher degree was obtained AND official transcripts for all work completed after obtaining the bachelor’s degree, including undergraduate and graduate coursework. Junior/community college transcripts are NOT required. (Applicants who are applying for nursing programs and have earned an Associate’s of Science-Nursing should include those transcripts.)
  2. Results from a standardized, graduate-level exam (typically the GRE or GMAT). Applicants may contact the department of their major to determine whether other results are acceptable.
  3. Three letters of recommendation from individuals who can speak to the applicant’s academic performance. Applicants may contact the department of their major to determine if the department will accept non-academic recommenders.
  4. Other supplemental materials as required by departments, such as a résumé, statement of purpose, writing sample, etc. Applicants may contact the department of their major for additional information regarding these supplemental documents.

In addition to the above documents, certain departments may conduct interviews or auditions as part of their application process. Applicants will be contacted at a later date if selected to interview or audition.

Please see the current Graduate Bulletin for complete admissions requirements.


 *Please note: Per the Mississippi IHL Board, all students are required to submit proof of immunization to measles, mumps, and rubella. All admitted graduate students will be required to submit health records indicating immunity before enrolling in coursework.