Instructions and Videos


These instructions are to help guide you through completing the requirements for your dissertation, thesis, or nursing capstone project.


Though the templates have the margins, styles and order of the document set up, these videos and guides provide assistance on how to do certain formatting related elements in Microsoft Word. Make sure when you are creating tables, graphs, or any other content elements that it is within the margins that are dictated in the USM Formatting Guidelines. Video tutorials on how to submit your document into Aquila have also been included.

       Aquila Videos (You will need to download these)

Page Numbers

Section Breaks/Page Breaks

  • Insert a Section Break-Details how to insert a section break as well as talks about the different types of section breaks (Retrieved from Microsoft Office Support).

Inserting Tables, Graphs, Charts, etc.


  • Landscaping a Page- Video describes how to landscape a page and how to correctly format landscaped page numbers (video was made by Mississippi State University Libraries).